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Gua Sha Set

Gua Sha Set

Gua Sha Set

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Sol Healing Gua Sha Jade Premium Massage Tools for Face and Body, Anti-Aging, Face, Neck, Body Eyes, Detox Massage with 100% Natural Jade.

  • Sol Healing 3D micro-current roller massager tools for facial uplifting V shaper tools specially designed by our beauty experts.
  • Our 3D Roller Massager Microcurrent Massager Facial 360 degree Machine Roller is the best tool for your facial care, skin, chin, wrinkles, and anti-ageing for the face and body. 
  • Thanks to expert 3D technology wheels rollers design massages each pore of the face and body. Works for all face shapes. Our 3D roller face chin roller massager is the best therapy tool for women's and men's skincare. The 3D balls rollers lift facial beauty and keep your face fresh and also easy to use from the comfort of your home. Easy to care for and slows facial ageing by enhancing your natural beauty, chiselling, and contouring your features.
  • With two V-shaped 360° pivoting rub rollers massagers, they adjust themselves to the natural facial shape. Effective for both men and women's face chin, neck, chest, abdomen, midriff, arm, legs, and body.
  • 3D massager toner creates slimming effects for any body shape and face. 3D rollers massages and relaxes your muscles and make facial muscles firm and toned with an uplifting facial effect. 3D rollers also break down dead skin cells to bring new life to facial pores. The smart handy size comes with a vibrant look that fits in your pocket and handbag easily. This allows you the freedom to carry and use anywhere to enjoy the comfort of the spa each time. This also provides face and muscle relaxation, repairs skin, and decreases fine lines and wrinkles on your face. Advance collagen recovery minimises skin pores.


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